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worse than the double krusty burger?!


Manager: Studies show your Krusty Burger is the un-healthiest fast food item in the world.

Krusty: Worse than the Double Krusty Burger?

Manager: Somehow, yes.

Krusty: Okay, here’s what we do.  What’s that food we never put in any of our meals?

Manager: Vegetables?

Krusty: Yeah, those guys.  Find the cheapest one and make a burger out of it.  Then throw it in a green wrapper and double the price.  …And say it’s got none of those, uh, what are those unhealthy he-she sounding things?

Manager: Uh, trans fats.

Krusty: That’s it.  And while you’re in there spray a little nicotine juice on the kids meals – get ’em hooked.


Double Krusty Burger


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